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Omron's New FZ Lite Vision Sensors

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Omron Electronics introduces a new line of vision sensors designed for inspections in factory automation.  

One of the most difficult image processing tasks is to generate images that are most appropriate for individual inspections.  

Omron solves inspection challenges for factory automation by using a number of new technologies combined with their real colour processing and measurement technologies.  

Omron's new FZ Lite vision sensors make it possible to automate with simplicity and reliable results.  

The vision sensors allow historical results logging that is very useful for testing a new line. Samples are fed down the line and inspection results are logged.  

The logged data can be checked on a time scale in graph form and used to adjust judgment conditions.  

Key features of Omron FZ Lite vision sensors: 

  • Offers excellent image quality and clarity base on 16.7 million colours
  • Power LEDs, High Dynamics Range (HDR), polarisation and halation filters enable stable inspections on surfaces not possible with conventional vision sensors
  • Enables file logging during operation
  • Large inspection history can be saved in USB and used later for traceability
  • Fast and easy real-time parameter adjustment eliminates the need to stop the machine for fine tuning and optimisation of settings, resulting in zero machine downtime
  • Supports Ethernet/IP, a global standard for factory automation data networking
  • Additional communication is possible via TC/IP, serial and parallel interfaces

Omron's new FZ Lite vision sensors are backed throughout Australasia by their technical support staff.

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