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OMRON has added to its range of relay and timer sockets with the launch of the PYF-14 series. Suitable for use with Omron's MY relays and H3Y series timers, the sockets are available with two connection configurations for increased flexibility.

The PYF-14 ESN is a conventional design, whilst the PYF-14 ESS places the input terminals and output terminals on separate sides of the socket, allowing better safety and easier wiring.

Both feature rising-up terminals for ease of connection, and accommodate more cables and larger cable diameters. Further options include a metal spring clip facilitating secure relay installation, or a plastic holding clip for quick component ejection.

The sockets provide both screw mounting and DIN-rail mounting facilities, and have been designed to minimise panel space requirements, featuring a footprint of just 27mm by 82mm. They also facilitate easy labelling, which has become a major issue for engineers as panels become ever more crowded.

Conforming to all relevant international standards, the sockets are rated for currents up to 12A at 300V, and offer an insulation voltage greater than 3kV. Suitable for use in the most demanding environments, the sockets are rated for operating temperatures between -40°C and +85°C.

The launch of these new sockets coincides with the announcement of enhancements to Omron's MY relay, adding features such as a lockable push button and improved fascia design for clearer status indication.

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