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Omron upgrades CX-One programming system

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Omron Electronics is proud to announce the arrival of the latest version of its fully integrated programming software: CX-One v2.0.

Supporting nearly all of Omron’s PLCs, HMIs, temperature controllers and other products, CX-One v2 provides yet further enhancements. Using a single communication platform (CX-Server), all software packages have the same look and feel and can operate and communicate simultaneously.
CX-Programmer has been updated to v7.0, to support additional hardware and the latest firmware revisions. It now also allows sections of ladder code to be converted into a single Function Block; the contents of which can in turn be edited online, greatly simplifying program construction and debugging. Functions Blocks can now also use input/output type variables and high-level string commands. One can now upgrade from older PLCs previously not supported by CX-Programmer and Data Traces and Time Charts have also been improved.
CX-Designer has been upgraded to v2.0. Project simulation is now integrated with CX-Programmer, so changes made in either will be reflected in the other. Simulation is also possible to an actual PLC external to the computer. These methods provide significant improvements in the way projects are debugged. Other features include password protection of screen projects and drivers to other vendor’s PLCs.
CX-Integrator too has been upgraded to v2.0 and now supports a network overview mode, for easy display and editing access to networks within a system. CX-Drive too has been upgraded to v1.3 so as to support a whole new series of servos and drives.


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