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Omron Electronics upgrades its Smart Relays

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article image New version of Zen series smart relays

Omron Electronics  has released a new version of its Zen series smart relays (otherwise known as nano controllers).

The two existing CPU models have been upgraded to provide extra features and another two CPUs have been added to the product line-up, one providing RS485 communications, the other a non-expandable economy unit.

A free software upgrade is available from the web for existing Zen users.

The Zen series smart relays have proven themselves to be highly versatile, across a surprisingly broad range of applications.

The new series introduces support for 12VDC systems and half-width expansion modules. The slits in the housing have also been removed, meaning debris cannot enter the units.

The internal memory architecture has been enhanced with an 8-digit counter and 8-digit comparator being added.

Twin-timer functionality has been added allowing different on and off times to be set.

Multiple-day and pulse output operations are now also possible, which are convenient features for time-controlled air conditioning and lighting systems.

Another new feature is automatic summer time adjustment of the internal Real Time Clock (RTC), with separate settings for Australia and New Zealand.

The accuracy of the RTC has also been increased to ±15 seconds per month. The precision of the analogue inputs has also been increased to 1.5% of FS.

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