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Omron Electronics updates CS and CJ PLC ranges to v4 firmware

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Omron Electronics  has updated both its CS and CJ PLC ranges to v4 firmware.

V4 introduces a significant number of additional features, which add considerably to the programming power of its flagship PLCs.

CPUs with v4 firmware now support more flexible programming as tasks can now be created in either ladder diagram, SFC (Sequential Function Chart) or Structured Text (ST). (All languages are IEC6113-3 compatible).

This means an entire program can be written in any combination of these languages, including one language entirely.

V4 firmware CPUs were progressively phased in from the end of 2006 but are completely backwardly compatible to the previous firmware versions. This means programs written for earlier version CPUs can be downloaded to v4 CPUs and executed.

Also, v4 programs can be downloaded to a previous version CPU provided none of the new features have been used. This is because all the features introduced in v4 are incremental; none of the existing functions were changed.

Furthermore, CS and CJ programs can be freely interchanged as both PLCs utilise the same memory architecture and firmware systems.

In order to access the new functions v4 has on offer, CX-One v2.1 (with CX-Programmer v7.2) will be needed. However, a free upgrade can be downloaded from the web for registered v2 users.

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