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Omron Electronics unveils new concept in HMI systems

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Omron Electronics  has released NS-Runtime, a new concept in HMI software. Designed to run on a standard PC, the NS-Runtime software can execute the same projects developed for their HMI range.

The computer then becomes the hardware dedicated to HMI on the plant floor. This gives a number of advantages over SCADA type systems.

Considerable scalability is provided in HMI systems. Larger, more sophisticated HMI applications can utilise facilities currently not offered by a dedicated HMI.

The computer can provide one (or more) very large screens (which maybe touch screens), a mouse, a full size qwerty keyboard and any other device a computer can use.

In order to use a computer for HMI, users will do not need to completely re-write their application, which is rather time consuming.

Instead, they can utilise their current project (which has already proven in the field), which can loaded into NS-Runtime installed on a computer.

Changes are made in CX-Designer, a product they will already be familiar with, so users do not need to learn about new software.

A common look-and-feel will be evident across the plant floor, with both HMIs and computer screens displaying the same information. A number of additional features have been added to NS-Runtime, like the ability to read pdf files.

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