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Omron Electronics releases load cell interface for PLC

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Omron Electronics  has released F159 load cell interface for its CJ1 PLC range.

Unipulse, a respected name in the electronic weighing industry, has manufactured the load cell, which is ideally suited to check weighing and batching applications.

The F159 load cell interface mounts directly into any CJ1 system (like any other Special I/O Unit) and interfaces with the CPU at high speed.

This allows the PLC to perform controlling functions while at the same time take accurate weight measurements.

That the F159 load cell interface fits into a CJ1 chassis makes the combined system a small weighing system.

High speed (two per sec) and high accuracy (1/10,000 for four inputs or 1/40,000) measurements are features of the F159, which supports up to 4 load cells connected in parallel using a single six-wire connection.

Auto free fall compensation is provided as standard, a common cause of weighing inaccuracies.

Also, the F159 load cell interface can be recalibrated for the effects of gravity, which changes from location to location.

There is also automatic compensation of temperature fluctuation (zero tracking) and a low-pass bessel filter to counteract the effects of mechanical vibration.

A digital moving-average filter can also be enabled to smooth out spurious readings. All these features ensure highly precise readings and good repeatability.

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