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Omron Electronics offers new NSJ –M3D series

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The integration of a PLC and HMI screen into one unit is a growing trend in the automation industry. There are several factors driving this innovation, namely the demand for miniaturisation, ease of installation/programming and speed of communication between PLC and HMI. By integrating two components that are often used together, all three objectives are achieved.
The latest offering coming from Omron Electronics is the NSJ –M3D series. Protruding just 66mm into its mounting panel, the M3D series builds on the successful NSJ- G5D series. The M3Ds still offers the functionality of the CJ1G-CPU45H PLC but at a reduced capacity and price. The display panel has the functionality of a NS5 or NS8 screen with v6.6 firmware.
All of Omron’s NSJ series support a USB port for programming both the PLC and HMI, through the one software package, CX-One. Three RS232 ports are provided for programming and/or direct connection to field devices, such as temperature controllers bar code readers, etc. An optional Ethernet port connects the whole system into a network.
I/O connections are via an inbuilt DeviceNet master unit (which can handle up to 63 slaves; mounted up to 500m away) and/or a connector for a CJ1 slave rack, which would then offer the full functionality of any intelligent I/O card available for the CJ1 series. But for users that only require a simple network connection, single Controller Link or Ethernet boards are available.

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