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Omron Electronics launches new series of CPUs

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article image CJ1H-R series CPU

Omron Electronics  has revamped its high-end CPUs of its popular CJ1H series.

The new updated CPUs are completely backwardly compatible with the current models and will carry a -R suffix in their model numbers.

The main advantage of the new CJ1H-R series is that they are considerably faster than the previous models.

All aspects of program execution including peripheral servicing and I/O refresh have been overhauled for greater speed.

But the most significant change is in the execution time for mathematical instructions. For example, the sine instruction used to require 42 nano seconds to execute. It requires just 0.59 nano seconds in the CJ1H-R series, a 71-fold reduction.

The overall result is a maximum of a 5.5 fold decrease in program execution time. A 30K step program (on a system with 128 + 128 I/O, 2 analogue input and 2 position control units) can now be executed in around 870mS.

The major benefit of the extra speed is the increase of precision of the overall control system; which is especially useful for high accuracy position control.

The product line up has also been increased with the introduction of the CJ1H CPU64H R, which provides 30K programming steps and 128Kb of Data + Expansion memory.

This will allow even demanding time-critical application to be handled with ease.

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