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Omron Electronics introduces new remote I/O network

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Omron Electronics  has introduced CompoNet, a brand new remote I/O network.

CompoNet is an open network (meaning any vendor can create devices for it) that is fully endorsed by the ODVA (Open Device Vendors Association).

CompoNet is based on DeviceNet and uses many of its concepts, (such as discreet messaging, eds files, etc) yet is significantly lower in cost.

CompoNet benefits are ease of installation and performance of a simple remote I/O network. Using the latest technology available, CompoNet’s performance is good with a single master supporting up to 384 slaves nodes, which equates to 2,560 I/O points.

Up to 1,000 points can be updated in under a millisecond, using one of four baud rate settings.

Cabling systems are also greatly simplified in CompoNet, with a choice of three cables. The simplest is a two-wire cable (requiring no shield) that is daisy-chained between the slave nodes. Each network can use a number of repeaters to extend the transmission distance up to a factor of three.

All slave nodes support auto-bauding and carry their own maintenance and commenting information on board. Standard led indicators and fault code greatly assist faultfinding.

For more complex network topologies, CompoNet has Configurator software that is availably freely off the web.

It allows all devices to be configured in one location (via the network), parameters to be saved and retrieved and monitors network performance.

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