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Omron Electronics introduces additional cards for CJ1 series PLC

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Omron Electronics has introduced additional cards for Omron’s popular CJ1 series PLCs. The CJ1 is a miniaturised PLC, with a small to medium capacity. These new cards will expend the already broad range of applications the CJ1 is suitable for.
The CJ1W-CTL41-E card can accept up to four high-speed counter inputs. With the ability to detect phase-differential inputs at up to 100kHz, the CTL41-E will operate in applications requiring fast response times. Up/down and pulse/direction input types are also supported. The counter values are stored as 32-binary numbers, allowing of values of more than ±2 billion counts.
The CTL41 can count in linear or circular fashion, and is equipped with 32 software outputs, each of which can be linked to counter events. The card can also generate interrupts in the CPU, ensuring immediate action to counter events. Output patterns can be set and controlled according to one of 8 target ranges or one of 16 values and direction conditions being met.
The CJ1W-TS561/TS562 units support up to six temperature-sensing inputs per card. The TS561 converts J or K thermocouple signals, while the TS562 unit accepts Pt100 or Pt1000 platinum resistance (RTD) signal types. The temperatures vary from -200°C to 1300°C for thermocouples and -200°C to 650°C for RTD sensors. Both cards provide 0.1°C accuracy and broken wire indication for faulty sensors. The cards can also filter input signals by suppressing certain selected frequencies and provide a not-ready flag during start-up.

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