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Omron Electronics introduces Smart Slice I/O system

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The GRT1 series is Omron’s Smart Slice I/O system. Slice I/O is a building block style system whereby up to 64 small input/output modules can be plugged into a single communications module. This gives the slave considerable flexibility in how it’s configured, meaning it can match user requirements more accurately. It can also be added to easily at a later date.
The SmartSlice I/O units are usually piggybacked into one another, but up to two turn-back units can be added if installed in a confined space. The range has recently been expanded with a number of additional modules, including two-channel analogue inputs and outputs, high-speed counter and positioning modules. Currently, only a DeviceNet slave communication interface is available although connections other to field buses can be anticipated in the future.
The entire range utilise screw-less I/O terminals for quicker and easier wiring. Also smaller terminals mean greater I/O density for the given space. The I/O modules can be added or removed whilst the system is powered and the communication module itself retains I/O unit configuration settings for easier replacement during maintenance.
The GRT1 is part of Omron’s “Smart” series. This means that in additional the normal I/O status, Smart slaves also report data for I/O and network power supply monitoring, error history, record last maintenance date, etc to their master. These features are ideal for sites where preventive maintenance is carried out. The smart series also auto baud rate detection, alleviating the need for separate hardware setting.

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