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OYMC 's inverter chosen by IEN Europe for award

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Omron-Yaskawa Motion Control B.V’s (OYMC) new V1000 inverter has been recognised as the most innovative product of 2007 by IEN Europe, Europe's industrial engineering magazine. The V1000 inverter was selected based on both the magazine editor’s and reader’s evaluations.

According to IEN Europe, each year it looks for innovative products driving the industry forward. In IEN Europe’s opinion, the V1000 inverter is an ideal example of innovation. IEN Europe was impressed by the size difference compared with earlier and similar models and also by the reduction in actual mechanical parts used in the V1000 inverter.

According to IEN Europe, it is not easy to improve the basics. The inverter market is growing fast and there are a lot of competitors that produce quite similar products and are also launching new complex automation solutions.

OYMC’s target was to improve the current market solutions by increasing the quality and reliability of its current products. This was a challenge because OYMC’s products were already of good quality and highly reliable from the outset.

For OYMC, it is the recognition that it has achieved the difficult task of improving the inverter even further.

About  V1000 inverter

The V1000 inverter was launched in the European market in February 2007. As the market's major supplier of inverters, OYMC is driven by quality and has made a habit of building this into its inverter families. This quality now has a new formula, 10 x 100 = 1, because the V1000 inverter breaks with all conventions and constraints. The innovative design together with modern manufacturing techniques mean that the V1000 inverter is designed for 10 years of maintenance-free operation.

Moreover, V1000 inverter’s features and performance guarantee a 100% match with user expectations. In addition, a field-failure rate of less than 1 in 10,000 means that the V1000 inverter will continue to outperform all other inverters long after the average service-life expectancy is over.

OYMC has achieved this new formula for quality and dependable performance by taking major strides in design efficiency. Not only has the V1000 inverter's volume been reduced by up to 40% to save mounting space, but it also actually uses 50% fewer mechanical parts than its predecessors. This considerably reduces the risk of component failure in a V1000 inverter.

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