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New generation safety light curtains

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article image The F3SN-A light curtain.

LIGHT curtains and multi-beam sensors designed to protect workers operating around hazardous equipment are being introduced by Omron in Australia and New Zealand.

The F3SN-A/B safety light curtains and F3SH-A multi-beam sensors are designed to prevent human contact with dangerous moving parts by detecting fingers, hands and bodies in dangerous areas.

Omron's safety specialist Rod MacKenzie says introduction of the new generation, programmable safety equipment follows Omron's development of a highly compact safety sensor.

This sensor, with a surface area of only 30mm x 30mm, has a detection capability of 14 and 25mm resolution for finger and hand detection, protective height of 217 to 1,822mm for the light curtains, standard 4-beam with 300mm beam spacing for perimeter guarding applications, both which have a operating range of up to 10 metres.

The sensors deliver fast response times of 15.5ms maximum.

The F3SN-A/B has narrow beam spacing for point-of-operation guarding, while the F3SH-A has wide beam spacing for body protection in perimeter guarding.

MacKenzie says users can connect up to three sets of the safety light curtains in series, preventing mutual interference and permitting the highest level of safety design.

Both the F3SN-A and F3SH-A conform to the now-mandatory global safety standards for safety sensors, being type 4 sensors meeting the highest safety standards of category 4, while the F3SN-B conforms to category 2.

The sensors' self powered, setting console provides all function settings, including floating and fixed blanking. Functions such as monitoring and copying to multiple sensors can be set easily and safely. Password protection prevents inadvertent changes to the settings.

The safety sensor units also incorporate a variety of safety functions to make them suitable for all kinds of safety circuit systems, thus making safety easier to incorporate into the workplace.

An indicator bar facilitates easy beam alignment and reliable installation. Double-ended connector cabling for both the safety sensor and the safety controller makes the system even easier to install.

The compact, flexible format of the F3SN-A/B and F3SH-A safety sensors means a system incorporating them can be sized perfectly to fit innovative concepts into hazardous areas, says MacKenzie.

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