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article image Sensing band is resistant to acidic and alkaline liquids.

OMRON Electronics has released the K7L liquid leakage detector. It can detect liquids with impedance as high as 50MΩ and will detect isopropyl alcohol and pure water. Undetected spills can create hazards for personnel in the form of slippery spots on the factory floor or inhalation or contact risks due to toxicity.

The polyethylene sensing band of the K7L is resistant to acidic and alkaline liquids. A flouroplastic sensing band is available for improved chemical and high temperature resistance. There are two available versions of the sensor amplifier, the K7L-AT50 and the K7L-AT50D. The AT50D has a sensing band disconnection detection function.

The K7L incorporates a noise canceller circuit using a three-conductor cable at the junction of the sensing band and the sensor amplifier. The K7L internally oscillates an ac signal to the sensing band to protect against electric corrosion. Because the power supply circuit and detection circuit are isolated, several amplifiers can be installed on the same surface.

The polyethylene sensing band is specified for -15ºC to 55ºC operation and there are seven available lengths from 1m to 50m. The flouroplastic sensing band is specified for -50ºC to 200ºC operation and is suitable for detecting most acids and solvents, with six available lengths from 1m to 20m.

The K7L measures 46mm x 28.8mm x 12.8mm and has a rated supply voltage of 12V to 24V dc and an NPN transistor output of 100mA at 30V dc, which can be configured to turn on or off upon detection of liquid.

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