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article image Omron’s new MOSFET relays

OMRON has made a new addition to its MOSFET relay range that can handle up to 2A, five times the current of existing devices, but is offered in the same compact packaging.

The new Omron G3VM-61CR is rated at 60V, 2A, making it ideal for power supply applications that require low noise switching, yet are also space constrained. In common with other G3VM devices, the new part has a low on-resistance, in this case just 1.2Ω typical. The G3VM-61CR is offered in a compact 8-pin DIL package, and is alternatively available in surface mount form as the G3VM-61FR. Typical operating time is 5.0ms and release time is 3.0ms.

Omron offers a very extensive range of G3VM MOSFET relays, offering favourable operating characteristics, including a low on-resistance, and fast response times. A key feature of the Omron range is the dual MOSFET load circuit, so that an ac or dc load can be connected in either direction without modification to the drive circuit.

This makes them an ideal alternative to reed relays, especially for anti-masking security applications as they cannot be compromised by external magnetic influence. Typical operating time is 0.6ms and release time is 0.1ms. Operating over the temperature range of -40°C to +85°C, the relays are available in a range of packaging options, on tape and reel if required.

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