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Hand-held safety HMI from Omron

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The NSH5 is a new series of safety HMI from Omron Electronics P/L. The NS5H provides a combination of the normal display and touch-screen features, as well as safety functions, rated to standards: EN954-1 and EN60204-1.
The NS5H is much like the other NS5 in Omron’s NS range: it provides a 5.7” STN touch-screen, with 320x 240 pixels and up to 4095 colours for graphics. The NS5H also provides a retracted USB slave port (for programming) and CF port for holding a memory card. The NSH5 is rated to IP65, meaning, it can be hosed down after every shift. But unlike the other screens, the NSH5 is designed to be suspended via its strap for easy hand-held use, not panel-mounted.
The extra safety switches onboard the NSH5 include an e-stop switch, three-position enable switch (also known as a dead-mans brake) and four function keys. All switches are safety rated to standards: EN60479-5-1 and 418. Thus all are hard-wired through the same cable gland, where power and communication cables are run. Both RS232 and RS422 communication interfaces are available.
The programming of the NSH5 is via CX-One, the same package that supports all Omron PLCs, HMIs, etc. The e-stop switch status and six additional (non hard-wired) function keys can be read by the PLC, in addition to the safety circuits. All programming objects available on the other NS series are also available on the NSH5, making programs easy to port across.

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