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article image FPC connectors with rotary backlock mechanism

Omron Electronic Components Europe, a subsidiary of Omron Electronics , has released four new low profile FPC connector models. The FPC connectors feature rotary backlock mechanism which gives reliable termination in fewer production steps.

The XF3A FPC connector is designed for 0.12mm thick FPC and, with a mounted height of 0.6mm. The XF3A FPC connector is initially being offered in 12 and 24 way formats on a 0.3mm pitch, with 8, 11 and 18-way versions under development.

The XF3B family of FPC connectors suitable for 0.2mm thick FPC is available with a profile of 0.9mm and pitch of 0.3mm. The XF3B family is available in 35 and 67 way formats.

The XF2W FPC connector on a 0.5mm pitch and the XF2K FPC connector on a 0.4mm pitch are suitable for some handheld or consumer applications that require wider pitch designs. The XF2W can accept 0.3mm pitch FPC flex and is 1.1mm high fully mated, as opposed to 2mm for the existing and comparable XF2M.

Overall footprint has also been reduced, as the new XF2W is just 3.5mm deep, compared with 5.9mm for the XF2M. It has initially been released in 16, 20, 24 and 64-way configurations.

The XF2K FPC connector, with a profile of 0.9mm is suitable for applications that require a 0.4mm pitch design with a 0.2mm thickness. Initially released in 57 ways, the XF2K is 4.0mm deep.

Fully RoHS compliant, the new FPC connectors are Halogen free. All the new styles have a rated current of 0.2A at 50V DC. The XF3B, XF2W and XF2K all offer the convenience of double sided contacts allowing the FPC to be inserted either way up.

The XF3B and the XF2W FPC connectors feature a wide moulding wall to give greater convenience in board layout.

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