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Emergency stop switches from Omron Electronics

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Emergency stop switches from Omron Electronics are designed to halt equipment and facilities in the case of an emergency making them a crucial part of any industrial operation. Emergency stop switches can be used in safety circuits in combination with safety relay units.

Omron Electronics provide a range of emergency stop switches for a variety of applications. Models and features include:

A165E emergency stop switches

  • Direct opening mechanism to open contacts in emergencies
  • EN418 compliant
  • Safety lock included to prevent misuse
  • Separate construction allowing the switch to be separated for easy wiring
  • Single unit construction allows easier handling
  • Three contacts integrated into a single block (A165E-U)

A22E emergency stop switches

  • Direct opening mechanism with minimal contact separation of 3mm in accordance with EN60947 (only for NC contacts)
  • Safety lock included to prevent misuse
  • Incorporated lever allows for easy mounting and removal of switch blocks
  • Mount three switch units in series to improve wiring efficiency
  • Finger protection mechanism
  • Oil resistant to IP65

A22Z-EG2 flush-mount shroud emergency stop switches

  • Safety lock included to prevent misuse
  • Recessed design for a neat appearance
  • Flow of air is unobstructed
  • Spacers can be used to adjust amount of protrusion

ER Rope-Pull E- emergency stop switches

  • Safety rated
  • Able to withstand water wash down cleaning with IP67 enclosure
  • Return back to machine-run operation after actuation with reset button
  • Easy to set up and maintain proper rope tension with tension indicator
  • Prevention of tripping due to vibration with snap-acting switch contacts
  • Designed for a minimum of one million actuations
  • Integrated two-colour indicator beacon
  • Explosion-proof
  • Available in stainless steel

Omron Electronics understand the importance of fully functioning and reliable emergency stop switches and are dedicated to providing products that maximise safety and minimise incidents.

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