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E3ZM Built-in Amplifier Photoelectric Sensors for the Food Industry from Omron

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OMRON Electronics offers a broad range of Photoelectric Sensors with amplifier built into the sensor head and high resistance to detergents, disinfectants and jet water spray.

The E3ZM is the world's smallest square metal photoelectric sensor with reversed output polarity protection, external light interference algorithm and full RoHS compliance.
Hygienic, durable, and detergent resistant, the E3Z is ideal for the food industry.

With a stainless steel housing and the best materials used for all other components, the E3ZM is capable of achieving 200 times the durability of the earlier E3Z version. This is the first square metal photoelectric sensor in the world to use a IP69K* (DIN 40050-9) protective structure which makes it suitable for high temperature, high-pressure jet water spray cleaning applications.
Few indentations in the shape means less dust and water collected, making the E3ZM more hygienic. No labels have been used in order to prevent foreign matter contaminating food products. The E3ZM model and lot numbers are imprinted using a laser marker.

The E3ZM uses a recognized algorithm to prevent external light interference in the reflective sensor. This provides reliability when using the E3ZM near inverter fluorescent lights and similar applications. Excellent noise immunity has also been inherited from the E3Z.

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