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article image The D7E-3 tilt sensor

OMRON has introduced a compact tilt sensor intended for use in systems such as portable heaters and HVAC equipment. The sensor acts as a safety cut-out to prevent operation when knocked out of a fully vertical position.

The D7E-3 has an operating angle of 50° to 80°, minimising the risk of false triggering by small vibrations and knocks. It is self-resetting with a return angle of 25°. This allows the system to be repositioned and restarted without further intervention. The sensor measures only 0.9cm x 0.93cm x 1.43cm and features quick connect terminals for ease of installation.

For more space challenged environments, Omron offers the D6B SMD tilt-switch, measuring just 5.5mm x 5.5mm x 3.75mm while retaining high switching reliability. Features offered include two switched outputs, left and right. Both remain high when the device is in a neutral position. Once the device is tilted beyond the operational angle of 35° to 65°, the relevant output switches to a low 0.5V output. Typical return angles for the device are 60° to 30°.

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