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article image The new standard in safety light curtains, the F3SJ.

OMRON Electronics has launched its new and improved Category 4 Safety Light Curtain, the F3SJ, setting a new benchmark in light curtain technology.

The F3SJ's new slim line design, customisability, expandability and simple installation makes Omron's light curtain the ideal safety solution.

There are three types of sensors available, ranging from finger detection, hand detection, or hand/limb/body detection models.

The sensors, with protective heights of up to nearly 2.5m, are available for applications that involve large-sized workpieces.

If customers wish to make changes in the future, they can always extend the protective height with series connections. Up to 4 sets, or 400 beams, can be series-connected, and with series connection cables up to 15m in length, applications can cover a wide area.

Omron has also developed a unique interference light prevention algorithm that automatically prevents malfunction, even when light is received from 3 sets.

Omron has also upgraded the "muting function" system, which temporarily disables the light curtain when an object must pass through the detection zone, such as when supplying a workpiece to equipment. In the past, this function required a dedicated "muting controller", but now it is built into the F3SJ.

Like previous Category 4 safety light curtains, the F3SJ conforms to the latest required safety standards and regulations. Since the F3SJ also complies with IEC61508, the international standard for functional safety, OH&S is ensured regardless of where it is used.

The quality of safety light curtain performance is determined by the quality of the emitter/receiver elements.

The F3SJ features a newly developed "1-bit module" that integrates the lens and other optical parts with the emitter IC and receiver IC, which are key devices.

With characteristic inspection performed on each beam, as well as a thorough quality traceability system using 2D code, performance is assured.

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