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Advanced digital temperature controller

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article image Omron E5_R series controllers.

OMRON's new series of temperature controller, E5_R series is an advanced digital controller that offers high speed, high precision control, and multiple I/O to meets today's market demand.

At a high sampling speed of 50ms per loop, E5_R is best suited for control applications requiring rapid response and high resolution, such as ceramic heaters, flow rate and pressure control.

Also, with a high resolution of 0.01°C, measurements of temperature, humidity, fluctuation detection, and logging for environments testing equipment can be performed with great accuracy.

Its multiple-loops analogue input capability allows multiple process control on a single controller, and with different control mode such as standard, heating/cooling, proportional and even cascade control to select from, it contributes to cost reduction and panel downsizing.

E5_R is equipped with 8 built-in memory banks to store set points, alarm values, and PID set numbers.

Using the Event inputs, it allows the external control of bank selection, run/stop control, automatic/manual operation, the SV mode, and enabling/disabling writing via communications.

To enhance the response, E5_R has 8 different PID sets for different PID value, MV limits, as well as automatic selection function which automatically selected a PID set according to the present value and deviation, thus resulting in better PID control.

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