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article image Handheld controller -- 50m range.

THE IRC106 industrial radio control system from Omnitronics utilises the latest miniature, single chip radio technology to allow operators the freedom of movement from fixed equipment installations.

With the IRC106, operators can control up to 16 individual functions at distances up to 50 metres.

Transmitter digital switch input functions can be momentary or latching to an open collector or optional relay output. Combination of switches can be pushed at the same time to give X, Y and Z axis simultaneous operation.

Each transmitter/receiver pair is DIP switch addressable (64 combinations) so systems can be co-located without accidental operation.

CRC16 data integrity checking is appended to the data transfer to insure correct operation at all times.

The non-licensed band of 433MHz is utilised and users can select between two frequencies to further isolate system operation.

Diagnostic LEDs provide the operator with transmitter status and resultant relay output status.

The transmitter handheld unit is powered by two AA batteries and employs specifically designed battery saving software for radio chip and processor controller. The receiver has been designed to be powered from a 12 or 24V dc supply for standard vehicle or machine operation.

The MC908AZ60A processor is utilised, which allows small logic functions to be customised into the unit ie Boolean functions based on transmitter key pushes; timing functions can be coded into the receiver unit.

A key feature is the implementation of optional failsafe software. In some applications a consistent communications link is imperative to the safe operation of the machinery. If communications is interrupted, the receiver can be programmed to revert to a Failsafe mode.

Operators requiring remote control have traditionally been tied to equipment using an umbilical cord. This has restricted movement and has made operation cumbersome, unproductive and in some cases unsafe.

Omnitronics has introduced a short range, 16 digital function, handheld controller to its range of telemetry products. Low current outputs (relay drive) are provided or an optional relay module is available.

A reliable industrial communications protocol ensures correct data transfer and prevents inadvertent operation.

Data is only transferred on key presses to maximise transmitter battery life or an optional continuos transmission format is available for failsafe applications.

Control ranges of 50m plus can be attained depending upon RF conditions. The transmitter is powered from 2 x AA batteries. A stylish, small, ergonomic case allows one handed operation if required. A belt clip or option cradle allows for easy storage when the transmitter is not being used.

The receiver can be powered from 12 or 24V dc to meet with vehicle battery formats. The unit is DIN rail mountable and has been designed for inclusion into existing control panels.

Open collector or relay outputs allow existing machines to be simply upgraded to install the remote control function.

The receiver PCB is fitted with a standard BNC connector, which allows direct connection to the antenna. This antenna can be mounted remote from to the receiver to maximise operating range.

The remote controller has been designed to cater for OEM applications. The Lexan panel of the transmitter can be customised to designate individual key functions, colour schemes and company logos.

Custom application software can also be added to the system. This can reduce other logic control circuitry thereby reducing system complexity and cost.

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