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Surface mount technology services available from Omnitron Technologies

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The surface mount technology (SMT) services offered by Omnitron Technologies is suitable for efficient assembly of single boards, prototypes, and small production runs. The diverse range of products assembled by Omnitron Technologies through SMT services include radio telemetry boards, power control, avionics, fibre optics, computer cards etc. There are various research and development companies, government and defence organizations that avail the SMT services offered by Omnitron Technologies.

Omnitron Technologies uses semi-automated equipment and set-ups that are highly optimised for low volume assembly runs. There are some equipment that are custom designed and constructed for providing fast, accurate, high quality pasting, pick and placing and reflow.

There is an assembly report issued by Omnitron Technologies with each batch of boards assembled and this assembly report includes information such as paste type/batch, temperature profile, cleaning, any problems encountered, and other component/PCB design notes for reference and traceability issues. The temperature profile of each board lot that goes through the reflow oven is recorded and archived by Omnitron Technologies. This profile is accessible at any time.

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