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Hardware and software services offered by Omnitron Technologies

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Omnitron Technologies  offers expertise solutions for design and development of a wide range of hardware and software. The services of research, logistical assessment and feasibility studies relevant to hardware and software are rendered by Omnitron Technologies. Omnitron Technologies also designs the system and product based on the hardware and software requirements of the clients.

The schematic capture and editing available from Omnitron Technologies includes development of CAD library and simulation and analysis of the circuits and system which includes fault analysis using electromagnetic simulation of RF/microwave and Planar 3D. There are various design and development services available from Omnitron Technologies including the embedded design, microprocessor/microcontroller development, coding, programming and debugging.

Omnitron Technologies provides expertise for the design and development of FPGA, EPLD and CPLD and design of PCB layout.  The hardware and software services available from Omnitron Technologies also includes design of the prototype of surface mount technology and short run assembly .

The simulation and testing of the software and hardware for EMC pre-compliance and troubleshooting are also undertaken by Omnitron Technologies. There is a diverse range of electronic fields which utilise the engineering solutions developed by Omnitron Technologies including analogue and digital circuits and systems, Industrial systems, instrumentation, signal processing and measurement and control.

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