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Wireless telemetry system expanded for Glastonbury 2011

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article image Wireless telemetry system installed for Glastonbury 2011

Event organisers of the Glastonbury Music Festival in 2011 chose to expand the Omniflex wireless telemetry system installed for the 2010 edition of the festival to ensure efficient, effective and economical delivery of water across the site.

Omniflex M2R 'FHSS Radio' RTUs were supplied for the project through instrumentation and control product/services supplier, AM Sensors based near Bridgewater, Somerset, who have been involved in successfully integrating the Omniflex alarm and telemetry systems across many industries within the UK.

Glastonbury Festival is a major music and performing arts festival in the UK requiring a diverse and complicated infrastructure. In terms of water requirement, the festival requires more than 11 million litres over a period of five days, feeding over 700 hand basins and 100 standpipes located around the site to provide fresh water for drinking and washing.

This year’s festival demanded a water pressure of 1.2 bars at the vast number of water outlets, creating a fresh challenge of ensuring that water pressure measurements at various points around the site were constantly available to the pumping station.

The Omniflex radio telemetry system was again chosen this year in an expanded version to meet the fresh requirements.

The Omniflex M2R RTUs were installed at the site with additional M2R slave units at different points around the perimeter of the festival for communicating with the master M2R unit located at the pumping station.

Pressure sensors located in the pipework provide 4-20ma analogue input signals into the slave units, which then transmit this data via the 868Mhz un-licensed radio frequency to the master unit of the wireless communications equipment situated in the pumping station.

This data is then supplied via the RS232/485 Serial Modbus port into an ABB controller, which is responsible for bringing online or taking offline a bank of pumps within the pumping station based on the demand for water.

Omniflex offers complete off-the-shelf wireless control solutions designed for applications such as:

  • Remote pump control 
  • Reservoir level control 
  • Pump station monitoring and control 
  • Flow meter monitoring  
  • Dosing plant applications 
  • Irrigation pump control 
  • Water treatment systems 

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