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The Data2Desktop service from Omniflex enables simple, cost effective and convenient remote asset monitoring and control monitoring over very wide areas.

The Data2Desktop Service is a framework of technologies from Omniflex that connects you to your assets wherever they, or you, may be located.

Remote monitoring transmission
Using the now pervasive and reliable mobile phone and Internet networks, the Data2Desktop service makes an integrated end-to-end connection to your assets that does not require you to have any specialised knowledge or technical skill to implement.

You can monitor, manage and control your assets from your MIS, SCADA system, web browser or even your mobile phone using this simple to deploy end-to-end solution.

Remote Alarms and reporting via SMS and email improve responsiveness of your organisation to abnormal events.

Web-based remote monitoring equipment for a range of industrial applications

  • Remote Meter Reading and Demand Side Management
  • Vendor Managed Inventory
  • Remote Monitoring and Control of HVAC, refrigeration, standby generators, computer rooms, cold storage.
  • Irrigation, Green-houses, Silo Levels, Feed Control, Bore Holes, Wineries, AquaCulture
  • Stack Emissions, Waste Water, Water Quality, Weather Stations, Dust Monitoring,
  • Pumping Stations, Flow Monitoring, Loss Agregation, Waste Water, Dosing Systems,
  • Cathodic Protection Systems

As a service, Data2Desktop removes the need to invest significant capital in communications infrastructure, making remote monitoring affordable and scalable from one measurement to many thousands.

Data2Desktop turns your organisation into a real-time enterprise, creating possibilities for achieving productivity and efficiency improvements, and increased service levels to secure your enterprise's future in the connected world.

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06/07/11 - Omniflex has announced new M2S remote terminal units, designed for remote pipeline monitoring applications, which feature a built-in SD card data logger.
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07/02/11 - Omniflex has supplied critical alarm systems to NYSE Euronext (NYX) based upon Omni16C, the world’s leading safety rated SMART alarm annunciators.
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17/09/10 - Available from Omniflex, Teleterm M2 series RTUs have been designed to expand remote monitoring and control possibilities by providing a cost effective platform that offers a wide range of features.

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