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Omniflex unveils Maxiflex 32 Channel SOE Module

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article image Maxiflex 32 Channel SOE Module

The SOE Module integrates into standard Maxiflex 1000 series systems with 32 Channels capacity for monitoring Potential free contacts or DC voltages of 9-30Vdc or 30 to 60Vdc via a DIN Rail mounting termination board.

Inputs changes of state are state are logged into an event buffer with a 1millisecond resolution.

Save by Integrating your Analogue Inputs into the SOE System with Maxiflex

Maxiflex allows the Integration of Analogue Signals with Soft Setpoints directly into the SOE system like ordinary inputs provides a simple one stop approach with all monitored points on a common system.

Temperature Directly, Process Signals 4-20mA, 0-10V, 1-5V Directly, no need to signal condition up front.

Build your own Maxiflex SOE System

Build up your own system from 32 points to 1440 Points. The SOE System uses standard Maxiflex 1000 series modules.

The system consists of bases with plug-in power supplies, CPUs, Digital Input SOE modules (alarm inputs), Optional Integration of Analogue Input Modules.

Any of the Maxiflex bases can be used for the system depending on the overall system size. This allows from 3 to 15 I/O modules per node, in combinations with Master and Expander bases.

Use your own SCADA System with OPC Servers

Omniflex  provides the OPC servers which cater for Date and Time Stamped data for direct interface to your SCADA system. Simple and easy to configure cuts configuration time down to the minimum.

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