Loop Isolators, Signal Conditioners and Trip Amplifiers for Process Loops from Omniflex

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The Omniterm range from Omniflex offers a wide range of signal conditioning applications in a surprisingly small range of products.

This is the direct result of the attention paid to lowering your cost of integration and ownership of your signal conditioning through advanced design and innovation.

Reliable signal conditioning modules
At a quick glance, most signal conditioning modules look the same. But if you are going to choose a product range, you need to consider these factors:
  • Integration time
  • Spares Stock Holding
  • Re-calibration Costs
  • Reliability
  • Plant Safety
Each of these factors has been taken into account in the design of the Omniterm ‘B’ series range.

Omniterm Range for signal conditioning applications
Select a solution from the following product groupings to meet your performance and budget requirements:
  • Loop Isolators
  • Signal Transmitters
  • Signal Repeaters and Signal Splitters
  • Limit Alarms/Trip Amplifiers
  • Special Computation Modules

The Omniterm range offer the widest range of applications in the smallest off-the-shelf product range. Free configuration software combined with ease-of-use requires less time to specify and configure the products for your application, saving you both engineering time and stocking cost.

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Supplier news
16/09/10 - LPD dual loop isolators provided by Omniflex can be used to remove ground loops in multiple 4-20mA current loops where limited space is available.
Supplier news
04/08/09 - Omniflex has introduced three innovative new signal isolators in the Omniterm LZ series, integrated 10kA 8/20us surge arrestors to cater for applications that require both loop isolation and surge pro
Supplier news
02/08/07 - Omniterm DIN rail mount signal conditioners, loop isolators, repeaters, splitters, trip amplifiers and limit alarms has now been updated with some new models and revised specifications based upon customer feedback.

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