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The industry standard Omni-16c alarm annunciator range is off-the-shelf from Omniflex, offered in a range of sizes and display options.

Designed to ensure that the operator never misses an important alarm

  • Discrete redundant multi-coloured displays provide guaranteed visibility of critical alarms under ALL plant conditions.
  • The Omni16C family is the only alarm annunciator certified to IEC61508 SIL1 for use in critical alarm loops.
  • The Omni16c alarm equipment range is available as panel mounted with optional integral Test, Silence, Acknowledge, Reset Pushbuttons, or as a remote logic version to drive mimics and remote displays.
  • An optional Modbus port aids integration for critical alarms into DCS and SCADA applications. Use the Omni16c as an alarm front-end to your SCADA, or as a stand-alone discrete display of critical alarms from your DCS.

Alarm monitoring systems

  • Certified to IEC 61508 SIL1 for safety alarms
  • Field Proven – over 30 years of experience
  • No software programming required.
  • High reliability redundant multi-coloured LED display
  • Legends printed on standard ink-jet or laser printer
  • From 8 to 256 points
  • SCADA and DCS compatible
  • Lowest panel-depth in the industry

The Omni16c inputs accept potential free contacts and are individually DIP switch configured for Normally Closed or Normally Open operation. Optional Inputs boards for common negative (PLC compatible) or fully isolated 19-60Vdc or 90-150 Vac/dc are also available.

The alarm sequence for the 16 inputs is also configured by DIP switch with a choice of 27 standard sequences. Four output relays can be configured as group alarm, horn output and watchdog with a change over contact at the terminals. The group alarm can be set to one of four functions: Follows input, follows alarm, multiple reflash, ringback horn. 

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10/08/11 - Alarm annunciators from Omniflex are at work at several UK-based nuclear facilities, and are key components in nuclear safety systems.
Supplier news
07/02/11 - Omniflex has supplied critical alarm systems to NYSE Euronext (NYX) based upon Omni16C, the world’s leading safety rated SMART alarm annunciators.
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10/09/08 - Omniflex offer safety certified alarm annunciators that perform a vital role in providing a layer of protection, capable of handling complex and unexpected dangerous conditions in accordance with the current safety standards.
Supplier news
17/09/07 - The purpose of the annunciator is to provide the plant operator with reliable early warning of a problem, which allows time to take action before a situation degrades to the point where the process can no longer be controlled.

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