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Printed circuit board (PCB) and stencil fabrication from Omniems

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Omniems  manufactures and distributes high quality printed circuit boards (PCB) and stencil fabrications. Omniems provides prototype printed circuit boards (PCB) and medium volume production. The circuit boards are produced utilising modern technology.

The official website of Omniems provides detailed technical information related to the circuits and pictures of these circuit boards. The minimum line clearance is 0.1milli metre and the hole size is o.2 mille meter. Omniems also provides stencils by using laser and chemical milling technologies to manufacture SMT solder paste stencils.

The laser cut stencil specification include pitch limit of about 100 micro meter aperture and a 50 micro meter gap. The stencil thickness varies from 50 micro meters to 10 micro meters. The input data is given by Gerber, HPGL and DPF. These products manufactured and supplied by Omniems are ISO9001 certified.

Omniems combines investment in high quality production technology with a total commitment to custom-made solutions for customers according to their requirement. Omniems is conveniently located in southeast Melbourne, Australia. The approach of Omniems EMS to printed circuit boards (PCB) is characterised by flexibility, attention to minor and major details and proactive attitude.

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