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Novus Logbox Dual Channel Data Logger from Omni Instruments Australia

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LogBox data loggers from Omni Instruments Australia are available with two analogue or a single analogue and digital counter input. Ideal for applications such as flow monitoring, with there robust design and waterproof casing for easy installation. Downloading and configuration is via an infra red interface allow for PC, Laptop or PDA configuration options.

LogBox-DA is an electronic data logger with two input channels, one analogue and one digital. Input data is stored in the logger internal memory, for later download to a PC for visualization and analysis in the form of tables or graphs. The data is easily exported to spreadsheets.

Features of LogBox data loggers:

  • LogBox-AA data logger replace the digital channel with a second analogue channel that can also accept the below temperature sensors.
  • The LogChart-II is the software used to configure the logger, download and visualize data. The logger configuration allows defining the logger operation mode, including programming the start/stop time of data acquisition.
  • Other parameters such as signal input type, logging interval, multiplication factor, scale range, etc, are easily selected through the LogChart-II software.
  • The LogBox-DA data loggers also provide a signal for commanding an external power supply (battery) of a device connected to the logger. This feature allows that external devices, such as a transmitter, be powered only during the measurement sample time, thus extending the autonomy of these external batteries.

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