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Single to three phase converters from OmegaLec

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OmegaLec  manufactures converters with fully programmable option of remote control for a variety of industry sector applications. These converters are ideal for motor control. Customers can change phase from a single to three phase power efficiently.

With the help of programmable ramp-up frequency control large motors is easily reachable to enable the maximum torque at a low RPM. These converters are ideal for imported machines, it not only changes the voltage ratios but the frequency as well. Motor starting equipment is not necessary when these converters are used on motors.

As an example an imported American machine that need a three phase power of up to 200 voltage at 60 Hz, but it has a 240 voltage single phase 50 Hz. When a converter is used the power is safely converted into the exact American voltage condition enables the equipment to operate correctly and to the manufacturers specifications. The converters manufactured by OmegaLec can be applied where a customer needs a safe transformation of single phase to three phase. The voltage is regulated constantly with the converters.

OmegaLec also manufactures different power supplies according to customer requirement and specifications within the power rating from 500 watts to 50 kilo watts, the voltage range from 110 VAC to 1000 VAC. It would include certain features like temperature monitoring, fully programmable input and output parameters, sinewave output, sturdy powder coated enclosure with custom input and output terminations.

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