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Power transformers and inverters from OmegaLec

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OmegaLec  provides manufactures and supplies effective transformers and high performance inverters. A wide range of single and three phase transformers are manufactured and distributed by OmegaLec, which is used in various industrial sectors.

The transformers can be custom made at OmegaLec according to customer requirement and to specific applications. OmegaLec uses a merge of rugged technology and designs to create reliable, quality products. These power transformers are used for various special applications such as navy, air force, defence industries, medical equipment, mining, imported equipment, imported machinery, electroplating industries and telecommunications.

The different types of custom made transformers from OmegaLec are magnetic amplifiers, ferro resonant, cvt’s, isolation, control and autotransformers. OmegaLec also provides optional additional features like primary flex, primary plug, earth screen, windings, tappings, carry handle, outlet sockets, double insulation, high voltage windings and weatherproof stainless steel enclosure.

OmegaLec also provides power inverters with few standard features such as soft starting, reverse polarity protection, output overload protection, over temperature protection, high battery voltage shutdown, low battery voltage shutdown and output short circuit protection.

The power inverters can be applied for various applications in domestic, industrial, commercial, remote locations, boats, trucks, caravans and motorhomes. All inverters can be custom designed at OmegaLec with the input ranging from 5 voltage to approximately 240 voltage AC or DC.

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