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Effective battery charges from OmegaLec

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OmegaLec  manufactures reliable battery chargers used for various applications. OmegaLec provides different types of charger from basic use to a sophisticated charger available with a three stage alarm monitoring. These chargers are highly designed for Australian conditions.

At OmegaLec chargers are manufactured for various applications including recreational vehicles, electric vehicles, industrial control panels, wheelchairs, scooters, stand-by and back-up systems. Chargers are designed and manufactured to suit customer’s specific requirement, this could be led indication, constant current, voltage, microprocessor controlled, short circuit protection, alarm monitoring, earth fault sensors, polarity protection, charge rate indicators, voltmeters and ammeters.

The different types of batteries manufactured at OmegaLec are alkaline batteries, calcium batteries, gel cells and batteries with sealed lead acids. OmegaLec also provides various power supplies, regulated and unregulated industrial AC and DC power. All power supplies manufactured by OmegaLec have c-tick approval.

At OmegaLec the different power supplies could also be custom made like the control circuits, mining applications, general DC power, recreational vehicles, imported machinery, imported equipment and many more. The various options provided by OmegaLec include high current, high voltage, UPS systems, panel mounting, variable laboratory types and many more.

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