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OmniScan SX launched with nationwide Olympus roadshow

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article image The OmniScan SX, the latest model in the renowned phased array instrumentation range from Olympus

Olympus Australia introduces the OmniScan SX, the newest member of the proven OmniScan family of phased array (PA) flaw detectors. 

The launch coincided with a series of seminars and workshops presented by Olympus at centres around Australia that allowed both existing customers and new users to learn about the new model's features. The presentations were supported by displays of phased array technology and hands-on demonstrations. 

Olympus PA instruments produce high speed, detailed cross-sectional pictures of internal structures with a high degree of accuracy. PA technology uses multiple ultrasonic elements and electronic time delays to create beams that can be steered, scanned, swept, and focused electronically for fast multiple angle inspections. They also provide full data storage for further analysis.

Olympus National Technical and Key Account Manager Graham Maxwell explained that the seminars were designed to highlight the hardware and software features of the OmniScan SX. Software demonstrations of the OmniPC and Setup Builder packages also featured in the program. OmniPC is the latest analysis suite and the Setup Builder software is used to quickly and easily create inspection setups based on the configuration of the component or part to be inspected. 

Phased array technology provides precise measurement with extremely reliable results. According to Maxwell, the OmniScan SX represents a true breakthrough in making phased array technology more accessible to new users of this technology; the SX is a lower cost, single channel flaw detector that combines simplified operation with the sophisticated software of the higher-specification MX2 model.

Given that phased array has a wide range of applications across different industrial segments, the seminars addressed the needs of specific audiences. For instance, the seminar in the Latrobe Valley focussed on the power generation industry whereas in Perth the target was the mineral exploration sector. In South Australia, Queensland and Perth, one of the main areas of interest was inspection of welds for HDPE gas pipelines. In New South Wales, one seminar dealt with the inspection of composite materials. 

Olympus ran multiple seminars throughout the day and into the evening at most venues to maximise opportunities for people to attend. Several of the seminars were co-hosted by the Australian Institute of Non-Destructive Testing with attendees including boiler and turbine inspectors, non-destructive testing (NDT) inspectors, pipeline engineers, plant maintenance engineers and manufacturers of high-specification composite materials. 

The OmniScan SX phased array flaw detectors feature an easy-to-read 21cm touch screen for displaying the user-friendly and streamlined software interface; a full-screen mode for the touch screen to maximise visibility, essentially converting many menu functions into simple touch-screen operations; and an intuitive interface that provides smooth menu selection, zooming, gate adjustments, cursor movements, and text and value input.

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