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Olympus to feature NDT instrumentation at AOG 2014

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article image The lightweight iPLEX RX from Olympus

Olympus Australia will be displaying new technologies and instrumentation within the Non-Destructive Testing & Condition Monitoring Zone at AOG 2014. 

The Australasian Oil and Gas Exhibition and Conference (AOG) is Australia’s largest oil and gas exhibition and the 2014 event will be held at the Perth Conference and Exhibition Centre from the 19th to the 21st of February. 

A new feature at the AOG in 2014, the specialised industry-focused zone at the exhibition is being sponsored by the Australian Institute of Non-Destructive Testing (AINDT). NDT describes any analysis technique used to evaluate the properties of materials and components without causing damage or permanently altering the article being inspected. 

The NDT zone will provide maintenance and quality assurance professionals with the opportunity to learn more about the industry from Olympus and other leading AINDT members. 

Derek Burns, Sales Specialist with Olympus said the company offers a wide range of new technologies as well as analysis, testing and imaging instrumentation for diverse non-destructive applications within the oil and gas industry.

Olympus will also be presenting two papers in the seminar programme at AOG on the benefits of phased array testing.

NDT analysis of manufactured materials by X-ray fluorescence (XRF) is a crucial tool to the oil and gas industry. Used as a quality control tool, engineers can employ an Olympus Delta Professional XRF analyser prior to constructing or assembling a structure to confirm that the material received is in fact what the design engineers had specified. Geologists can also use the Delta Professional to determine the presence and concentration of elements in a rock sample.

Like all XRF analysers, the Delta Professional uses a controlled burst of radiation to excite the electrons in a mineral causing the elements to ‘fluoresce’. Each element fluoresces at a particular wavelength. 

The unique PulsarPic technology in the Olympus iPlex RX industrial videoscope greatly enhances image quality and increases the efficiency of defect detection. It reduces noise and sharpens images to produce exceptionally high-resolution images in low-light conditions. The RX also offers WiDER (Wide Dynamic Extended Range) image processing to enhance detail in shadowed and highlighted areas to produce balanced images across the entire depth of field. 

The latest videoscopes are invaluable tools for inspectors looking for superb image reproduction in difficult applications and locations with limited operator access including boilers, aeroplane fuselages and engines, and wind turbine gear boxes. Their compact design provides rugged durability for operation in harsh environments. 

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