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Magnetic thickness gauges from Olympus

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article image Magna-Mike 8600 from Olympus

Olympus Australia  announces a new range of magnetic thickness gauges designed for accurate and simple measurement of the thickness of thin-walled items such as blow-moulded plastic bottles.
The Magna-Mike 8600 Hall Effect thickness gauge from Olympus NDT, the world leader in non-destructive testing technologies is a new range of portable thickness gauges that employ a magnetic method to make reliable thickness measurements on non-ferrous materials.
High versatile in function, the magnetic thickness gauges can be used in a wide range of applications including measurement of thermo-formed plastic trays, extruded tubing, and automotive tear seams. The Magna-Mike 8600 can also be used on glass and composites, as well as any non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, brass, copper and titanium, with a thickness range from 0.001mm to 25.4mm.
An expanded assortment of magnetic and non-magnetic steel target balls, discs and wire targets makes the Magna-Mike 8600 the ideal instrument for applications with complex geometry where ultrasonic thickness measurements are difficult or impossible.
Measuring with Magna-Mike 8600
The magnetic probe is held or scanned on one side of the test material while a small target ball is placed on the opposite side or dropped inside a container. The probe's Hall Effect sensor measures the distance between the probe tip and the target ball, which is instantly displayed as an easy-to-read digital thickness reading. Material properties do not affect the instrument's accuracy.
Key features of Magna-Mike 8600 Hall Effect magnetic thickness gauges:

  • Features both straight and angled magnetic probes with replaceable wear caps to increase durability and reduce replacement costs
  • Assorted magnetic and non-magnetic steel target balls, discs and wire targets available
  • Non-destructive measurement capabilities allow for pinpoint thickness readings in tight corners and grooves
  • Powerful standard thickness measurement features such as minimum and maximum scan and a strip chart view feature
  • Colour LCD display with full VGA resolution provides superior readability
  • Simple keypad makes it easy to access important functions
  • USB, RS-232, and VGA outputs provided for connection to external displays
  • Internal data logger provides onboard storage of thickness data of more than 475,000 thickness readings in various file formats
  • MicroSD card slot for additional storage and data transfer
  • WinXL interface program allows thickness readings to be sent directly to an Excel spreadsheet

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