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Work boots beat toe cap wear

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THE most common problem encountered with the traditional black boot workplace safety footwear worn by all types of trades people is that the leather upper, particularly around the toe area, wears out long before the rest of the boot.

Scuffing, abrasion and wear and tear on the leather in the toe cap area abrades away the surface, eventually leading to the destruction of the whole upper of the boot and the loss of protection.

Recognising that this was a universal workplace problem, the product development team at Oliver Footwear has created a new range of safety footwear with an extended rubber toe cap bumper.

The resulting protective front on the boot protects the rest of the leather upper against the type of wearing and damage which usually leads to early failure of the boot.

Designated the Bumpers by Oliver range, the boots are available in black rambler leather with all the traditional Oliver wearer and protective features.

These include the Gripthane light weight dual density polyurethane sole, the NATUREform protective toecap which protects the toe area against crush or impact damage in accord with Australian Standard AS/NZS 2210 requirements and the POWERflex impact absorption system which is a shock absorbing, energy returning system which reduces the incidence of heel strike and cushions the foot to eliminate foot leg and lower back fatigue.

The standard Oliver Bumper is a black leather elastic sided boot with the moulded rubber toe cap bumper, available in the size range from 5 to 12 with half size increments. Oliver Footwear 03 5331 2688.

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