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WAM’s TECU filters and RECOFIL dust recovery system successfully fight against air pollution in Modena factory

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article image WAM’s efficient dust and fume extraction solution resolved the air pollution problem at the Modena factory
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A Modena, Italy factory has installed TECU filters and RECOFIL dust recovery system from WAM to resolve the emissions problem created by their machinery.

The factory employs five plasma cutting machines, six hydraulic presses and one striking shear to work 20-30 sheets per day, the equivalent of about thirty tons. The workload produces a large amount of smoke and dust that need to be extracted continuously from the working environment, creating a big problem for the factory.

Given the problem of emissions with five plasma machines generating a significant amount of smoke and dust, the factory needed an efficient suction system including dust collectors. Disposal of the dust collected by the filters was also a major challenge since the factory gathered about forty litres of dust from each filter twice a day. The dust was manually filled into sealed containers and then disposed of, requiring a lot of money and time. Apart from the downtime resulting from the operators dealing with the dust disposal, there was an additional problem with the workers complaining about the fumes, dust and dirt.

The factory sought a solution for the collection, conditioning and compaction of dust before transfer and disposal. WAM’s system, which has now been applied and tested at the factory automatically sucks dust from the filter hopper, collects it in a bulk bag and compacts it, eliminating the possibility of dust getting into the atmosphere.

Working with the TECU filters and EASYFILL bulk bag filler, WAM’s RECOFIL dust recovery system completely eliminates dust on the floor, or the chances of dust getting washed into the drains by rainwater. The automatic compaction also ensures the factory no longer has to use large numbers of closed containers for disposal at the landfill.

WAM's TECU dust and fume filters have been found to be more efficient than the previous filters used by the factory. Additionally, the RECOFIL dust recovery system has enabled the factory to solve the dust pollution problem.

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