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WAM Thailand supplies equipment to NOBEL wastewater treatment plant

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WAM Thailand supplied a range of equipment for an alternative wastewater treatment process at the NOBEL plant in Thailand.

NOBEL N.C. Thailand Co. Ltd. is a Thai-Japanese joint venture, specialising in the production of nitrocellulose for use in lacquer for wood, paper coating, printing ink, aircraft, aluminium foil coating and others. Nitrocellulose production involves the use of a large quantity of water, which creates disposal issues for the used polluted water.

Before being introduced into a nearby river, the wastewater from the production has to undergo a chemical-based purification process that drastically reduces its pH value. Given their concerns about the environment, the NOBEL N.C. management decided on an alternative treatment process for their wastewater.

This new wastewater treatment system involves a biological bacteria breeding process where starch is introduced into the waste water using WAMGROUP equipment for storage, discharging, dust filtration and feeding of the powdery material.

Supplied in bulk bags, the starch is discharged by means of an SBB-type FIBC discharger into a silo through a dilute-phase pneumatic conveying system. To facilitate discharging of the starch from the silo, which is equipped with TOREX rotary level indicators and a VCP-type pressure relief valve by WAM, a BA-type bin activator by EXTRAC is fitted on the silo outlet cone. A tubular TU-type screw feeder by WAM guarantees an accurate feed rate while the material is introduced into the wastewater tank. Starch dust is collected by a WAMAIR polygonal dust collector.

The NOBEL N.C. management was extremely satisfied with the process and the equipment.

WAM products are available in Australia from Oli Vibrators .

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