Oli flow aids for better process efficiency

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Internal applications – in contact with material


VBS - Bin aerators

VBS - External mounting kit

VBT - Tank truck aerators

I100 - Aeration pads

U - Aeration nozzles

Air Jet

PG - Air blasts

External applications – not in contact with material

Linear Pneumatic Vibrators

PS - Single impact

P - Continuous impact

K - Cushioned

F - Adjustable cushioned

Rotary Pneumatic Vibrators

S - Ball

OR - Roller

OT - Turbine

Electric Vibrators

MVE-MICRO - 2 poles

MVE - 2 poles

MVE-DC - Direct current

Hydraulic Vibrators


Why use flow aids?

Situation: Due to their characteristics, many powders inside silos, hoppers, chutes, piping, tanks or any other container tend to stick to the surface.

Problem: Any small change in the opening of the outlet, a rough surface, bends, shallow angles, the shape of the container, as well as the particle shape of the material handled might slow down the flow of the product, thus generating waste.

Solution: Oli flow aids are designed to solve issues caused by design errors or by the characteristics of the powder or granules handled. Moreover, they increase process efficiency and improve plant safety

The product range includes aerator pads and nozzles, vibro-aerators, air cannons, combined hammer blasters, pneumatic linear vibrators and pneumatic rotary vibrators.


Food, Animal Feed, Fertilizers, Agriculture, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Plastics, Cement, Glass, Air Treatment, Automotive, Mining


Silos, Hoppers, Slides and Chutes, Piping, Threshers, Dump trucks


  • Safe
  • Economic
  • Robust
  • Reliable
  • Easy to install
  • High performance
  • Global availability
  • Increased productivity
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09/12/10 - Oli Vibrators introduces the Vibrating Bin Aerators and the Externally-Mounted Vibrating Bin Aerators designed to improve material flow of materials with poor flowability.
Supplier news
29/10/10 - The OLI Vibrating Bin Aerators are used for the improvement of mass flow in powders and granular materials.
Supplier news
28/10/10 - Oli Vibrators introduces the durable polymer Fluidization Pads, used as preventive measure.

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