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Breakthrough in fire performance cable

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AUSTRALIAN cables’ manufacturer, Olex , has released the latest in fire performance cable. Developed in conjunction with the Cooperative Research Centre for Polymers, Pyrolex Ceramifiable utilises the latest in polymer technology.

Unlike conventional polymers that typically breakdown in a fire emergency, the new Ceramifiable polymer transforms into a protective ceramic barrier, providing added protection to building occupiers and emergency crew at the outbreak of fire.

Pyrolex Ceramifiable is also designed without stiff mica glass tape, ensuring greater flexibility and cost-savings at installation, and superior performance in emergency situations.

Pyrolex Ceramifiable is arguably the biggest breakthrough in fire performance cables in 20 years according to Olex managing director Andrew Stobart.

"One of the serious consequences of fire is the loss of essential services,” he said.

“By hardening into a ceramic material when exposed to fire, Pyrolex Ceramifiable protects circuitry and ensures the continued supply of essential services throughout the emergency."

Mr Stobart said Olex had recently been awarded contracts to supply the cable for a number of projects, including the Austin Hospital in Melbourne.

"It's appropriate that one of the first projects where we will supply Ceramifiable is at a site where the continued supply of power is vital in helping them save lives."

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