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Hydraulic accessories from Oil Solutions

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Oil Solutions  supplies a range of effective and quality hydraulic accessories designed to suit the demand of building hydraulic systems in most industrial and mobile application. The hydraulic accessories can be used for simple filler breathers’ electrical level switches, flow control valves.

The accessories range from Oil Solutions is manufactured by STAUFF designed to suit various requirements. Oil Solutions provides visual and electrical fluid level indication, thermo switches for level gauge and electrical level as well as temperature indication switches.

Oil Solutions distributes Plastic filler breathers, Plastic filler for ventilation and tank filling, screw-in versions, bayonet version, giant screw-on ventilation breather and desiccant air breathers for moisture absorption and air filtration.

The suction strainers distributed by Oil Solutions are threads forms bsp and npt. It is a reservoir installation for direct suction line connection and also features with an optional bypass valve, opening pressure of 0.2 bars. The threaded end caps made out of glass fibre reinforced polyamide or aluminium, other components steel zinc-plated.

The check valves of suction strainers allows only a single-directional flow, it is designed for in-line mounting. It is ideal for mineral oil. The gauge isolator valves can be used as a protection against pressure gauge overload. It is also suitable for hydraulic fluids.

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