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Diagtronic equipment from Oil Solutions

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Oil Solutions  supplies a wide range of test and diagtronic equipment manufactured by STAUFF. The contamination control program includes the diagnostic service that includes fluid sampling and laser particle counting products that is required to monitor system contamination levels.

Oil Solutions distributes hydraulic tester PPC series, designed to diagnose certain variables to different hydraulic and pneumatic systems like pressure, differential pressure, temperature, flow and hydraulic power. The hydraulic testers are particularly designed to enhance the demands of system monitoring, trouble shooting and determination of valves.

The PPC – 04 series from Oil Solutions is easy to handle the mobile measuring device that is controlled by 8 buttons and allows the connection up to two sensors. The measured data is displayed on the double spaced screen as a numeric values.

Oil Solutions also distributes SPG-DIGI manufactured by STAUFF, this is a digital pressure gauge. The unit can be distributed individually or as part of a pressure test kit. The pressure test kit also contains additional accessories including test adaptors and test hoses adapting. The pressure gauges test kits is ideal for hydraulic oil and gaseous media that does not attack any copper base alloy. This includes mechanical pressure measurement.

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