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Restart delay industrial relay

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article image Comat’s delay relay for motors which should not be restarted until they come to rest.

COMAT AG has added a new member to the Swiss range of industrial relays, the restart delay relay.

Available from Ohmic Controls , this device has specific relevance for ac power circuits with downstream devices with stored energy or where restarts within the device thermal profile may damage equipment with potential for further downstream damage or loss of facility.

This device comprises a special timer which does not require an auxiliary voltage to guarantee a minimum OFF time after removal of supply.

Should an interruption of supply, planned or otherwise, occur, the restart delay relay will not close before the set time (1-6 minutes) has elapsed.

The relay logic ensures that even if a command to switch on is issued the relay will not reclose until the set time has elapsed.

This relay is particularly suitable for motors which should not be restarted, after interruption of supply, until they have come to rest.

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