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Deputy Prime Minister visits Ogis Engineering

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On Friday the 19th of July Ogis Engineering was requested to host Deputy Prime Minister Albanese and the CEO of The Australian Industry Group Innes Willox. 

Albanese made an announcement of a $500,000 grant to produce a website that will assist small business in using the NBN. Before the announcement, Managing Director of Ogis Engineering Kevin Adler gave Deputy Prime Minister Albanese and Innes Willox a tour of all three buildings on the Rosebery site.

Albanese was most impressed with the facilities at Ogis and said, "This morning we have seen how manufacturing has been transformed here at Ogis Engineering.

“Tasks that would have been done by a metalworker are still done by a metalworker but with the assistance of new computer generated activity that's makes it more efficient, increases productivity and increases the opportunities for business, not just here but around the globe.

“The NBN will give the manufacturing sector access to new markets, more efficient business processes and new manufacturing technologies.

“This kit will help companies like Ogis prepare for the arrival of the NBN. Large cad files can take hours to download and the NBC will greatly reduce this."

Willox said, “Access to high speed broadband is crucial to improving competitiveness in businesses like Ogis Engineering.

“This is important for manufacturers to help them grow their businesses in the global environment more efficiently and more effectively. It’s about reducing business costs, about getting better real time results and getting more expertise in their business, accounting expertise and outside expertise to make them be able to compete better.

“It's about online marketing, communication and collaboration through high speed broadband all of that is important to business in the 21st century."

The Deputy Prime Minister concluded with this statement - " I think Australian manufacturing has a great future, why, because gentleman such as Kevin from Ogis Engineering and other small businesses are employing people and they're up with the times, we can produce things that are high value to compete in our region, to open up export markets as well as supply for the domestic market."

Ogis Engineering is a company that has evolved over the past 50 years. It started making small souvenirs from brass to upmarket shop fitting. The manufacture of furniture and displays was a major part of their production, however as imports started to dominate the market Ogis evolved and made the necessary changes to keep themselves busy in the area of manufacturing.

The decision to specialise in tube and pipe bending as well as metal fabrication with the aid of the most sophisticated machines available has enabled Ogis to prosper. 

CNC Mandrel benders, robot welders, automatic saws and a constant desire to up skill their staff has allowed Ogis become a preferred supplier to many large manufacturing companies. 

The company manufactures for a diverse range of industries that include the transport, defence, infrastructure, architectural, mining and manufacturing industries.

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