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Liquid turbine metres and SoundTrack from Oceanic Controls

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Oceanic Controls  provides process instrumentation solutions for natural gas, oil, mining, marine, cryogenic, refining powder and coal seam gas industries. The products from Oceanic Controls are supplied under various brands including NUFLO, Cliff Mock and Caldon.

Flow metering products from Oceanic Controls is categorised in to various types including turbine metres, metres run, positive displacement metres, ultrasonic metre, SoundTrack and differential pressure cone metre.

NUFLO turbine metres from Oceanic Controls are field proven product which is made according to the need of international gas and oil as well process control industries. NUFLO liquid turbine meters can be installed easily; it offers repeatable and accurate measurement. This liquid turbine metre come with broad range of grooved, flanged, WECO 1500, threaded end connections.

Caldon SoundTrack from Oceanic Controls come with a transmitter and wafer. The wafer is used for installation purposes between the flanges present in the acoustic transducers and pipeline and are controlled by transmitter. Ultrasonic pulses produced from acoustic transducers are sent through flow stream. SoundTrack helps in detecting the passing of interface between the liquids in a pipeline and offers outputs of relative density and viscosity.

SoundTrack from Oceanic Controls is ideal for use in water and gas slug determination, marine fuel blending and for other applications which require an immediate indication of viscosity or density of liquid flowing through a pipeline.

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