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Differential pressure units and flow electronics from Oceanic Controls

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Oceanic Controls  is specialist in offering process instrumentation solutions including flow electronics and differential pressure units.

Differential pressure units from Oceanic Controls include recorders and controllers, switches and indicators. The differential pressure technology from Oceanic Controls features welded bellows assembly. This welded assembly increases the accuracy and reduces the effects of wear.

Different types of recorders and controllers are available at Oceanic Controls including Barton flow recorder, Barton pressure and temperature recorder, Pneumatic transmitters and controllers. Barton chart recorders are ideal for making accurate and reliable measurement and it is also helpful in recording temperature, pressure and differential pressure.

Oceanic Controls along with Cameron measurement systems is involved in supplying differential switches and indicators. The differential switches are available in various varieties and it is ideal in various applications which require measurement of flow rate, differential pressure and provides accuracy in the measurements.

Flow electronics from Oceanic Controls include totalisers, flow computers and transmitters. Flow computers help in collecting, processing, displaying and storing data for real time measurement and reporting. NUFLO scanner flow computer is versatile, single stream gas measurement system. Scanner flow computer also offers audit trail data and allows the operators to down load files.

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